Idea for iMac 2

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I think the next revision of the iMac should have A/V ports on it. It should also have some apple writen iSoftware written for it. Mainly, I think this would be for playing PlayStation, but it could also but used for other things like stereo systems, etc. It should be like the old Gateway Destination PC's, the only reason they didn't sell was because of thie price tag. That would be really cool if the new iMac did come out with A/V ports, and maybe a TV tuner ever (I know Steve doesn't like TV)

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    personally, i think there is no reason for a/v in.. that's what firewire is for.. and a tv tuner... on a 15" lcd.. buy a tv!..

    but, it does surprise me that they didn't put a video out on there. what if you want to watch a dvd on a tv?

    the Ti has it.. hell, even the $1200 iBook has it!
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