Incredible but TRUE Mac coincidences

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I thocht this report from my local paper might be o' some interest here...

© The Daily Isles

A strange catch was recently reported in the Firth of Clyde. The story begins in 1987 when a group of trout fishermen hired a rowing boat and set out from Arran in a heavy mist. After 3 hours condotions had worsened and they decided to return to shore. Suddenly, out of the gathering gloom appeared the Paddle Steamer Waverly; her great wheels threshing the dark water to foamy ruin. There was no way for the fishermen to make themselves heard and the rowing boat cowped over throwing the anglers and all their equipment into the water. The men were later rescued by a sludge boat but among their losses was a brand new Mac SE.

Last week the wife of one of the men was at the local fishmonger's shop when a particular cod took her fancy. It was a large, squarish beast, almost cubic in shape, with a large apple shaped marking on its side. Putting two and two together she purchased the fish and hurried home believing herself to be the subject of an Incredible Apple Coincidence(TM). Once in her kitchen she plunged a carving knife into the scaly flesh expecting to find the still functioning computer. Instead the blade struck an unexploded WW2 sea-mine which detonated, completely destroying the Apple Store next door and blowing its entire stock into the sea.


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    i dont believe it. if she saw the logo, then cut open and detonated a bomb, she'd've died. and therefore would not be able to relay to anyone of the supposed logo. certainly a bomb that can wipe out an apple store (in scotland no less, where apple stores have yet to open) could kill a woman.
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    [quote]Originally posted by thuh Freak:

    <strong>i dont believe it. if she saw the logo, then cut open and detonated a bomb, she'd've died. and therefore would not be able to relay to anyone of the supposed logo. certainly a bomb that can wipe out an apple store (in scotland no less, where apple stores have yet to open) could kill a woman.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I agree. This story is implausible.
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    Okay, okay. Whit aboot this then, frae the alltogether mare reliable and august Oban Clarion and Bugle ©.

    Schoolchildren in Auchtermuchty, Fife were startled last week when giant hailstones - each perfectly matching the shape and colour of the iMacs in the classroon - crashed through the slates destroying all the computers. Workmen repairing the damage were startled to notice that holes in the roof were arranged in such a way as to form a perfect arrow, pointing to a nearby overgrown field. Further investigation exposed a long forgotten grave on which the partially obliterated inscription:

    I. MacIntosh R.I.P. could still be descried.
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    Or this spine-chilling tale frae the archives o' the Portpatrick and Wigtonshire Gazette ©...

    In the winter of 1966 a touring conjurer and exponent of arts-legerdemain was in the habit of finishing his act by sawing a computer in half. On the fateful night of the 26th December at Wigton Parish Hall his stage prop computer was mislaid and he had to improvise by appropriating the theatre's Quadra 950. Despite being warned by the stage hands of a local curse laid upon the town by Sir Hamish MacIntosh, 17th century laird and raconteur, whose son Macintosh MacIntosh had been slain during a similar stunt, the conjurer stubbornly went ahead with his act. All went well until the finale when the circular saw, which usually cut through props with little or no trouble, snapped on the casing of the Mac. Shards of hardened blade flew in all directions and the unfortunate magician was struck by a large piece, completely cutting him in half. The Mac was completely unscathed...
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    Nae, nae Mr i-Sabbah. Ye are far too gracious, though I thank ye for your kind words - or raither word. I merely relay these Incredible Mac Coincidences ? that years o' patient research and scholarly study have unearthed. For example: this frae The Rock and Roll Annals of Groove and Strangeness ©

    As many will know in the late sixties The Beatles were putting the finishing touches to Sergeant Pepper. They were also secretly planning their own record lable - Apple Records - and to maintain secrecy; and for a variety of other reasons; had assumed code names for all purposes relating to this operation. Due to the limitations imposed by the punch-card technology of the time only 8 characters per codename were permitted so John Lennon became AppleLen, George Harrison became AppleHar and - of course - Paul McCartney became AppleMac. Even stranger is that Apple Records would later be based in the area of the city known as London G3. Stranger still is that on the prototype Sergeant Pepper's cover McCartney's hat is decorated with translucent plastic strawberries, blueberries, limes and tangerines and he is depicted holding an LCD monitor which is showing his nickname AppleMac, G3 while the rest of The Beatles juggle platinum apples each with a bite out of its side.
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    Ha ha ha, poor Ringo Star...
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    [quote]Originally posted by New:

    <strong>Ha ha ha, poor Ringo Star...</strong><hr></blockquote>

    A Giant G4 iMac shaped gall-stone appeared out of the a$$ of a well-known un-named mac columnist (cough! Andy Inhatko!) after a gorging of Starbucks pastries and gravy. The inscription on the gallstone read 'Steve jobs is the anti-christ'...

    This is just as believable as all that other crap
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