Mac App Store - Opera

in Mac Software edited January 2014
One thing I'm trying to do with the MAS is to grab free software I have and re-download it, to integrate as much software as possible into the store system for the easy updating. However, I can't seem to download Opera.

When I clicked to download it, the icon flew to my Dock, and I got asked about my age. After clicking that, yes, I was old enough to download scary software like a web browser, the download appeared to proceed, but as soon as it was done, the Opera icon in my Dock vanished. It's not in my /Applications folder, either. If I go to the "Purchases" section in MAS, it shows Opera, with a button to let me install it. Clicking that leads to the normal progress indicator going through its motions, but at the end, still no Opera anywhere on my Mac.

I can purchase or select and install other software from MAS with no problem.

Is anyone else seeing issues like this with the Opera install? Any idea what the fix is?
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