Mysterious iSight Disconnection

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
A few minutes ago, the iSight camera on my aluminum unibody MacBook became disconnected. (I have HardwareGrowler running, so a Growl notification comes up whenever a USB device is connected/disconnected.) In System Profiler now, it does not list the iSight as being connected to USB.

I have absolutely no idea why this happened. I was just sitting with the computer on my lap, typing, with no shocks or shakes. The computer hasn't even been jostled or carried or turned on or off in the last few days. I am fully Software Update'd on Snow Leopard.

The only two times I've opened this machine up were 1) when I was upgrading the RAM the very first day I owned it, about 2 years ago, and 2) in November, when I replaced the ODD with an OptiBay and installed an SSD.

Any clue as to why this would have happened? I've got no clue whatsoever, and have never experienced or even heard of a problem like this before.
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