Magpies & Mythology

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For the past wee while there has been a magpie coming tae my front door and sitting waiting to see who comes oot. Now Scottish folklore abounds wi' myths and legends concerning fowls o' the air, beasts o' the field and mythical creatures frae the heavens tae the deeps. Whit I need tae know is whether this magpie is a good omen or a bad as I am due tae visit foreign parts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday when I travel far, far south tae Newcastle in England.

I may say that the magpie is usually held tae represent ill fortune here and there are legion tales o' magpies carrying off babies, jewellery and shiny new Macs tae their nests. This situation has doubtless arisen as I was forced tae cut doon the family rowan tree last year, thus removing oor protection frae fell-beasts and inclementious entities.


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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member

    Did i google about right, is that a magpie??

    never seen one but i hope those bring good luck..
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    That's him! That's the very one! Wi' your maist fair and lovely intervention I am sure that I shall hae nothing but the very best o' good fortune when I travel off tae foreign parts next week.
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    uh.. i thought that was an Aussie magpie... had to figure anyway what kinda animal it was with google cos i never had heard anything of the magpies... good luck "abroad" then
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