Toughest nut to crack

in AppleOutsider edited January 2014
I was away for quite a while. Came back but I could never get access to anything, not even my user control panel. I tried for three weeks to get a response from the forum administrator for help but never heard back after multiple emails. So I finally used a different email account to rejoin with a different username. But I still can't reply to posts.

I even tried different brosers.

Very frustrating.


So I can post a new thread here but can't reply in the Future Apple Hardware forum. Odd.

I guess I'll try again in a couple of days.


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    floorjackfloorjack Posts: 2,726member
    Gosh and they let the spammers right in.
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    mactacmactac Posts: 315member
    Originally Posted by FloorJack View Post

    Gosh and they let the spammers right in.

    Finally able to post. Now Apple can get busy with future hardware I want.
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