Ping/iTunes Connect

in AAPL Investors edited January 2014
Why did Jobs tell us that Apple has 200 million credit cards on file? That doesn't benefit us at all nor does it really say anything about how much those people are spending.

With all the rumors about NFC and Apple wanting to turn your iOS device into a virtual credit card I think they might be gearing up for an iTunes or Ping labeled Connect much like Facebook Connect. Facebook's major drawback is that while I'm "Liking" everything on the internet, Facebook can only sell my Likes to advertisers. What Apple can do tho with an iTunes/Ping Connect is translate that "Like" into an actual purchase of a product that I "Like". "With one click shopping" as Jobs pointed out all I need to do is "Like" something using iTunes/Ping Connect and I actually end up purchasing it! Then share that with my friends so they can see where and when I bought something so they can buy it also if they choose. And also share it with advertisers for iAd.

You can see the writing on the wall that Apple wants to transition away from charging people for their computers and iOS devices, maybe not giving the devices away for free, but certainly subsidizing the cost of these devices with other business ventures.

I think the ship really does leak from the top...

Am I crazy?
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