Synching iTunes libraries and collection between 2 computers.

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Disclaimer: This is a Windows based question.

I have my all my music on my main desktop at home. Years of ripping discs and making purchases has given me quite a sizeable collection. So imagine my horror when a hard drive just up and failed with no warning. Luckily I could save it with no loss whatsoever.

So I bought a new iPhone 4 and a Laptop last weekend for uni. I copied my entire collection over to the laptop (and a backup portable hard drive so I never face that problem again).

What I really want to do is sync the libraries between my desktop and my laptop (the music directory of my laptop automatically backs up from the desktop when I join the network at home). I searched the forums but without much luck to my specifics.

If I automatically backed up the iTunes user directory aswell (including podcasts and apps), will that enable my iPhone to sync between the two without prejudice and with the utmost ease?

Many thanks ahead of time for any help at all. Greatly appreciated.



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    Search for info on "Home Sharing" (a feature of iTunes) ... it will automatically keep iTunes Store purchased stuff synced... but non-iTunes-purchased media (even though you store it within iTunes) will have to be synced manually... pretty straightforward and easy though.

    You still have to pick just ONE of the machines to sync your iPhone (or iPods/iPads) to ... it won't be able to sync to both libraries. (Home Sharing only syncs media between the two (or more) computers... not device files.)
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