OMG, Has anyone seen this movie?

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What a dreadful pile of crap. This is the worst movie I've ever seen. Like if Ed Wood directed a Hong Kong action movie. I think they spent more money on the catering than on effects. I had to buy a copy.

Can anyone think of a movie worse than this?

Riki Oh: Story of Ricky

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    One of the most absurdly violent films ever made, this outrageous comic book of a movie is short on style but makes up for it in sheer audacity and excess. Brooding street kid Ricky Ho (Fan Siu Wang, playing the part of avenging angel with self-righteous earnestness) walks into the corrupt corporate prison system with superpowered martial arts skills and proceeds to punch his way through every bullying thug and sadistic guard who comes his way. Literally. His fist puts a gaping hole through the stomach of a giant sumo-wrestler-sized thug and the jaw of a pompadoured bully, and turns the skull of a pathetic guard into a bloody stump. As Ricky becomes a hero to the downtrodden prisoners, the assistant warden (who keeps breath mints in his removable glass eye) organizes the dreaded "gang of four," the cell block gang leaders, to take Ricky down. Fat chance!

    There's nothing realistic about the bone-shattering, blood-splattering spectacle of crushed heads and snapped limbs, but the unrestrained display becomes so preposterously grotesque it hardly matters. You'll be convinced that the "Oh" in Riki-Oh stands for "Oh my God, did I really see that?" Yes, Ricky really does tie a sliced tendon with his teeth, a thug cuts open his gut and uses his own intestines to strangle Ricky, and the warden (for no apparent reason) puffs himself up into a giant rubber ogre. Ricky's curvy, feminine nemesis Rogan is played by Yukari Oshima, the butt-kicking, all-woman star of Angel and others. --Sean Axmaker


    Damn, I have to see this!!
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Most of you have probably seen a clip from Story of Ricky at one point. If you've ever watched Craig Kilborn's Late Late Show, the old intro to "5 Questions" is a clip from the movie...where the prison warden inflates himself and explodes.
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    I just watched it again! This move is like crack! The little details you notice after several viewings are amazing! In the Assistant Warden's office, his bookshelf is filled completely with porn!

    Some quotes from the movie (as taken from some guys review off of

    "They gave me 30 pounds of rice to cut you up, turn you into mince meat, and put you in a pie..."

    "Oscar has shown his he must kill!!!!"

    "Ricki, I am your uncle. I have known you since your were 7 or 8 years old, when you possessed suoperjuman strength. Do you still possess your super human strength?"

    "Chi Cong feeds on strength!!!!!"

    "I have hit you in your death spot..soon you will die"

    "His style of Kung Fu is unorthodox...I do not think I can defeat him..."
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