MacBook Pro Won't Boot white screen (folder ?)

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Hello forum,

i am new to posting on forums so forgive me if i leave out information or am not clear on what has occurred.

My Macbook pro has stopped responding, it boots up to the white screen then displays a "no entry" symbol followed by a 'Folder' symbol with a question mark. Whilst i was using it today the screen did switch itself off to black on it's own accord, but whe i picked it up, it switched itself on again, as i set it down the screen went to sleep again. It then wwas working fine for about 3 hours until now when it simply stopped responding. I had to hold the button down to switch it off and from then on the white screen no data thing...

I can here it make that zig zig noise when i start it up but nothing happens after this.

the only thing i could find on Apple support was

but since i can't access the mac at all, i'm not sure how to install this update.

Does anyone have a work around or perhas some advice to fixing this issue?

SPECS are:

2.8 GHz Intel "Core 2 Duo" processor (T9600),

4 GB RAM (PC3-8500)

500 GB Serial ATA (5400 RPM) hard drive

NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT

17.0" widescreen

Operating sys: Snow Leopard


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    Sounds to me like your drive may have some issues. It may be a physical drive issue that requires hardware replacement, or simply some corruption.

    I'd boot from your install disk and run disk utility. If your hard drive does not show up in the list of available drives, then you likely have a hardware fault. If it does show up, select it and look at the SMART status at the bottom right. That can show indication of a potential hardware fault.

    If you're looking good from here, then select the drive and run a disk repair. If you still cannot boot from the internal drive, then you can try a reinstall of the operating system, although you'll likely lose your data if you go this route. You may be able to plug in an external drive and recover data prior to the reinstall...
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