U2 get into revisionist mixing

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There have been songs in the past that many bands look back on with dismay. Not because they are bad, but rather that the mix that ended up being the definative version of the song never lived up to the promise of the track.

U2 are no exception.

They have long viewed their "Pop" material as unfinished. All but two "Pop" singles were remixed before release, in an attempt to spruce up the unpolished songs. For years I went around a particular U2 message board saying they should remix "Discothèque" and "Staring At The Sun".

To my astonishment, they just did.

.....along with "Lemon" and "Gone".

The "Pop" mixes of "Discothèque" and "Staring At The Sun" will remain on all future prints of the album. However, that is as far as they will go. The new, definative versions were done this past year by Mike Hedges (who was never on "Welcome Back, Kotter")

<a href="http://www.lyptonvillage.com/"; target="_blank">Lypton Village</a> has the new mix of "Discothèque".

Any U2 fans out there have any comments they would like to share?


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    The dance mix of Lemon is one of my favorite remixes ever. I used to love dancing stoned off my ass to it at Tunnel. Good times. I always really liked the Pop album. The Discotheque mix is cool, am interested to hear the new mix of Staring At The Sun.
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