My e-mail response from David Coursey.

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From: [email protected]

Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 20:50:49 -0500

To: [email protected]

Subject: Your conversation to Steve Jobs.

I think it is amazing that you have actually talked to Steve Jobs about

Apple's future. I think an article about that experience would be really

cool to read. I really want to hear about what you asked him and what

you were told. I love your writing, I hope you recommend more types of

people to use a Mac. I think that you are very strong willed not to be

persuaded by the likes of Steve Jobs, at least you come off sounding as

if your not infected with his charisma.

I know that you hear a lot of mac users talk about you as a PC man and a

Mac ignorer. I feel bad that people leave that impression with you.

Keep up the good work.

From: David Coursey <[email protected]>

This happened a week ago Monday and I am still trying to decide what to make

of it. I know what he told me--I wasn't able to record it and didn't

concentrate on grabbing quotes--but I haven't really decided if any of it

was terribly worth repeating. He talked about the "digital hub" but the

overall take was that Apple won't be doing home entertainment devices in the

next 24 months but will do something--probably in software. There is also

considerable excitement about the opportunities Unix presents to get more

into the sci/tech and Unix workstation markets.

Steve was not at full reality distortion when I saw him and we spoke for

about an hour. What I didn't hear was very much of "the vision thing" which

seems to exist for Apple but is only demonstrated in retrospect. Steve needs

as much excitement as he can generate and can't afford any mistakes, at

least not anything worse than the cube.
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