nocturnal wifi

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New Mac Book Pro $$$

wifi sniffer on 3rd party laptop $$

part of engineering looking at a issue $$$$$$$$$

Sleeping the unit with the lid open,

OS in sleep mode,

wifi still responding to requests, etc, Priceless----


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    robmrobm Posts: 1,068member
    yeah well - <shrug>

    Part and parcel of wifi I guess.

    The only thing I could suggest is to have wifi icon showing in the menu bar and disconnect from there (just to make it easy) before sleep.

    i've monitored iPhone and Airport n activity on my modem thru the DHCP client lists and noticed the same thing - they can stay connected for quite a while before finally giving up - lol

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    deep6deep6 Posts: 2member
    Funny thing is that you think your saving power having the laptop sleep with the lid open "even while on battery", the wifi is still sucking power.

    I wonder if its the MBP, or the wifi card?
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    robmrobm Posts: 1,068member
    Yup - just polling away .... waiting
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