Top Mac App Store apps generate 50% as much revenue as top iPad apps



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    markbyrnmarkbyrn Posts: 659member
    Stop comparing Apples to Apples
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    Maybe it would be clearer if stated as

    Just two months after Apple's launch of the Mac App Store, the 300 bestselling Mac apps already generate, in total, 50 percent of the revenue of the top 300 iPad apps combined.

    The above is what the graph shows.
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    philboogiephilboogie Posts: 7,675member
    Originally Posted by Mynameisjoe View Post

    A lot of the iPhone apps are actually for taking pictures, and up until last week the iPad didn't have a camera.

    Originally Posted by Realistic View Post

    Considering the iPad doesn't have a camera and the iPad2 only started shipping on 03/11/11 why would this be strange?

    Valid points indeed. So the 2nd graph is a bit strange then, considering the difference in age of the devices and the number of apps.
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    I would like to know something about the methodology used to compile these figures. How can they possibly know what the revenue of the top 300 Mac Apps are, or the top 300 iPad apps for that matter? Unless Apple released this information to them (as a developer with apps in the store, I sure hope not), I don't see how these numbers could be anything but guesses. In fact, how would they even know what the top 300 apps are? Apple only publishes the first 180 at any given time. And at the moment, 11 of the top 12 apps are from Apple itself -- surely Apple isn't disclosing the sales figures for these apps to this research firm. I wouldn't be surprised if those eleven apps made up 30% of all of the revenue in the store, though that is just a guess on my part. I suspect all of the numbers in this report, except for the counts of apps, are just made up.
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    Wouldn't it be cool to start one of those work from home job opportunities.
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