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in iPhone edited January 2014
Has anyone aware any unlock tool which can unlock my Jailbroken iPhone 3G? Have been struggling since I have got iOS 4.3

- Michael


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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    You don't have 4.3. Not on your iPhone 3G, at any rate. There's no firmware for it. It doesn't work.
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    After searching the internet have got hold of the following information. I think by tomorrow we should get something to our respite in terms of unlock:


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    Using the remote unlocking method you can unlock your apple iphone mobile because its safe for your mobile...........

    Get the unlock process for your apple iphone mobile through this site http://www.superunlockcodes.com/apple/rs12wp8/ , here get the unlock process at a good way.....
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