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I live in iceland.. is it any good to download it and if i buy it can i watch the movies

and are there many movies or what?


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    I think you have to live in North America to use Netflix. I know at least one person, who is American and has a US address, who was living in Europe for a year. He was not able to access Netflix while he was living in Europe, I assume because of DRM rules.

    About Netflix:

    The catalog of discs (DVD and Bluray) is huge. It is a much better deal than paying for cable if you want to watch a couple of movies a week, or the TV series that only are available on cable. The catalog of streaming movies and TV shows is OK, but not so good. It can be nice on a rainy weekend day, though, when you are catching up on old email.

    I think I pay USD $15 / month for Netflix, and I watch maybe 3 discs a week. So for me it is a better deal than using iTunes, and certainly a better deal than paying $40 / month for 100 cable TV channels I will rarely watch.
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