I just got my first dog!!!

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My wife and I just got back from the animal shelter and we adopted a dog that had been picked up from the street a couple of days ago. We named her Desi. She's the cutest thing imaginable. We think that she's about eight weeks old.

If you've never been to an animal shelter in India - let me tell you it's an experience. A real shop of horrors.

We bought a book about raising dogs and some basic items like dog food, a leash, a dog bed, and some chew toys. Tomorrow I'm going to have to pick up some anti-flea and anti-tick shampoo because she's scratching like crazy. She also has lots of scabs - I'm not sure what from but considering that she roamed the streets of Delhi for the first eight weeks of life, she's in pretty good shape.

Just thought I'd share. See Desi at <a href="http://homepage.mac.com/wallis_johnathan/PhotoAlbum22.html"; target="_blank">http://homepage.mac.com/wallis_johnathan/PhotoAlbum22.html</a>;

p.s. since this is my first puppy (and I'm 32) I'm terrified that I'm going to do something stupid and scar her for life. After all, she's in the formative stages of her life.

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