Japan's WiFi Network Post Tsunami

in iPhone edited January 2014
With all the devastation reports coming out of Japan I've seen alot of them using Skype - both voice and video hookup. I'm wondering if this is due to the cost factor of getting reports back to the 'States - or ease of connectivity.

If its connectivity it makes me shake my head at how stable and widespread Japan's WiFi networks are, as some reports have come via voice alone over Skype connected phones in devastated areas.

Heck, I've seen some VIDEO Skype calls from a guys laptop in a town totally trashed by the tsunami. The connection was good enough to file a report to a major news organization and the picture/sound was so good you thought he was calling from your nextdoor neighbour here in the 'States.

Me? I have to go to Krogers or McD's sometimes to use Skype via WiFi from my phone.
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