iPhone 5 Available by June 20? ?

in iPhone edited January 2014
This one's a stretch, but bear with me for a second. Recently Apple marketing honcho Phil Schiller confirmed through his verified Twitter account that a white iPhone will be available "this spring." He called it a "beauty" without mentioning the white iPhone 4 per se. Some folks think it's highly unlikely that Apple's bothering with white iPhone 4 this late in the game. If Schiller was referring to the white iPhone 5, he then inadvertently slipped us a time frame for the iPhone 5 launch.

The last day of spring is June 20, so there's your iPhone 5 availability date. Even if Schiller was in fact referring to a white iPhone 4, June 20 still files as a possible iPhone 5 release date because Apple would want to coincide any white iPhone 4 availability with the iPhone 5 arrival. Apple typically keeps the current iPhone model on the market at a reduced price when unveiling a new model.

An alleged Foxconn source told 9to5Mac that the iPhone 5 will have a curved metal-clad back similar to the original iPhone. Digitimes believes that a bigger 4-inch screen is in the works as well. The company usually makes big iPhone announcements at the annual summer developer conference at San Francisco's Moscone West. The venue served as a launchpad for the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4.

This year's WWDC may run between June 5 and 9 based on the "Corporate Meeting" placeholder in the official Moscone West calendar. Note that Google might have booked the venue for its upcoming I/O conference, which runs between June 10 and 11. Whichever the case, based on Schiller's tweet, we now know that the white iPhone will be available by June 20 at the latest, when the iPhone 5 is most likely to arrive as well.
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