is core i7 & i5 same processor with different versions of intel xenon nehalem ??

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Nehalem-based Xeon

"[edit]3400-series "Lynnfield"

Main article: Lynnfield (microprocessor)

List: List of Intel Xeon microprocessors#"Lynnfield" (45 nm)

Xeon 3400-series processors based on Lynnfield fill the gap between the previous 3300-series "Yorkfield" processors and the newer 3500-series "Bloomfield". Like Bloomfield, they are quad-core single-package processors based on the Nehalem microarchitecture, but were introduced almost a year later, in September 2009. The same processors are marketed for mid-range to high-end desktops systems as Core i5 and Core i7. They have two integrated memory channels as well as PCI Express and Direct Media Interface links, but no QuickPath Interface.

[edit]3400-series "Clarkdale"

Main article: Clarkdale (microprocessor)

List: List of Intel Xeon microprocessors#"Clarkdale" (32 nm)

At low end of the 3400-series is not a Lynnfield but a Clarkdale processor, which is also used in the Core i3-500 and Core i5-600 processors as well as the Celeron G1000 and G6000 Pentium series. A single model was released in March 2010, the Xeon L3406. Compared to all other Clarkdale-based products, this one does not support integrated graphics, but has a much lower thermal design power of just 30 W. Compared to the Lynnfield-based Xeon 3400 models, it only offers two cores. "

can u plz clarify ??
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