What would you do? 3.33 2009 2.93 8 core or wait ?????

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Things have never been so close yet far away with so many opinions obek then of course there is ram how many slots speeds of ram how much ram do you need number of slots cost of ram for 8 x 4 vs 4gb x 8 and costs, 1066 or 1333?.

This changes with each program and how it's written.

I I Wang it for logic and and don't know if I should get 6 3.33 a refurb 2.9: or wait.

What would you do?



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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    If you can wait for a Mac Pro, you probably don't need one at all.

    Your name suggests otherwise, however.

    So how about some more information?
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    Seriously iPhone auto correction aside, no one can decipher this post in a rational manner.
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    brucepbrucep Posts: 2,823member
    Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post

    Seriously iPhone auto correction aside, no one can decipher this post in a rational manner.

    hey he's worse than me !!!!

    he wants a 15 in from 2009 or 208 MBP

    or should he buy a zune brown next year ??

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,175moderator
    Intel brought out some Sandy Bridge Xeons already but they are too expensive:


    Apple use the $294 W3530 (45nm) in the quad (8 thread) and $387 E5620 (32nm) in the 8-core (16-thread). There are no faster chips at the same price yet.

    There are Xeons planned for the end of 2011 but that's quite far away and it makes sense for Apple to get Thunderbolt available to Mac Pro users, although they can possibly get a PCI card upgrade for now. There were faster chips tested out by Intel:


    but I don't think that has any relevance to Apple's products. Same with the 10-core chip coming:


    Whatever they do, it's likely they'll leave the entry-level the same for a while. I guess there's a chance they can get something in 22nm from Intel early like they did Thunderbolt but it's wishful thinking.

    The best thing they could do is redesign it, keep the same CPUs, add Thunderbolt and lower the price.

    For buying now, I'd check the benchmarks for the various Mac Pro models vs refurb. I'd go for the most modern CPU though. 32GB RAM seems like overkill but it depends on how much you use. I'd get faster RAM and higher density RAM has better resale and allows better upgrades but tbh, 4 x 4GB 1333 would likely do just fine.

    The next updates should be the iMac and Mini in April. If an FCS update comes and Lion, it makes sense to have an updated Mac Pro but I wouldn't expect major performance jumps unless they are hiding something.
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