while watching "death becomes her" doodled a "iDisplay" ?

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while watching "death becomes her," i doodled a some sort of reflective TFT touch sensitive screen, picture frame.

it would be nice to view "iPhoto" pictures on it, or perhaps movies (?) via wirelessly through "airport" or firewire.

play games... simple ones.. like chess, etc.

it can even double as agenda, address book, etc, and synchronizes with "entourage" "palm desktop" etc.

or just to leave a simple hand written note to "mom," saying that the dog is fed and i am out shaking a tail feather.....


i thought it should be very "simple" and "naive" in design.. so it doesn't overpower pictures being displayed or distract them. email me..... ProtoDAda@aol.com

<a href="http://homepage.mac.com/protodadany/PhotoAlbum1.html"; target="_blank">http://homepage.mac.com/protodadany/PhotoAlbum1.html</a>;

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    Cool, but probably last on my list of things that Apple needs to come out with right now. More of a novelty device than a truly useful/creative digital hub appliance.

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    i thought that too, but somehow apple made iPod work... that "audrey" from palm failed, and another one like it from sony. (complication... not user intuitive enough... my mom would never have figured it out) so i thought maybe apple can make something like this work (and sell). there were many times in a rush to leave home, i wished i found a pen and paper (this will save paper and ink too :-) and made sure that my ex-farmer knew my agenda (then perhaps i won't be single now), or just to leave a quick note..... or to link your music lists to play on your stereo (control "iTunes" wirelessly), dim the lights, function as universal remote, do light editing of your pictures and able to connect digital camera (digital devices, electronic organizer, etc) directly to it, portable LCD, etc.. just like iPod, i thought it could be a device that will grow in function... "wow, surprise! now it makes rice!"

    perhaps "iDirect"? (if this "i" madness has to go on.... :-)

    it was just a doodle and "a thought." :-) a wish list for a gadget junky.

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