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No, this is not your standard G5 thread. It is not intended to be. Here we discuss both the G5 and the future of PPC processing. So let's start shall we.

From what we've heard and seen, developers have been testing boxes equipped with the mythical PowerPC 8500 processor from Motorola. We can give a good estimate of some of the features Apple's G5 desktops may include, but some other details about these systems are still sketchy.

Things we can expect

-Rapid IO

-much faster bus (400 MHz bus seems to be the consensu)

-new .13 HiP7 SOI process?

-64-bit (and 32)

-support for DDR RAM

-1 GHz+

Rumors have been multi core but a lot of people have said this is false.

Ok I'm making it short now but I have to run and I have a mental block.

P.S. Big dilemna. Think I got my dad possibly ready to jump on a new PowerMac G4 but with the G5 maybe imminent, I really don't want to buy one of the new machines! Ahhh!!!!
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