iPod As MP3 Server?

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Yup, this is similar to the printserver thread, only with the iPod as the centerpiece.

Why couldn't you hook up your iPod to the network and let it serve up MP3's to any computer on that network? Act as a common micro-server if in Firewire Hard Drive mode?

What piece of equipment would act as intermediary to the Airport Base Station? What else should it do?



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    jobesjobes Posts: 106member
    i have to ask .... why?

    this has limited geek-only appeal.

    apple have been selling firewire computers across the range now for 2 years. if you want to share stuff on the network on an iPod, i guess they would rather you plug it into a different machine on your network. that's why it's .... um .. portable.

    alternatively you can copy mp3s to a central location on your network and access them from a hard drive ... seeing as you are negating the whole portable aspect of the iPod with this idea, why not just use an existing hd in one of your machines. that way anyone can have read/write access if you set the appropriate permissions/sharepoints. if you already have an airport network this would be a lot easier.

    and with the issue of copywrite infringement I suspect apple are not encouraging anybody to serve up mp3s ... which might be why the broadcast feature of soundjam never made the cut into itunes. (well that and the death of free live365) as a big company they have to draw a distinction between personal and public music collections, which is why you cannot access the files on a vanilla iPod, but have to resort instead to one of the many 3rd party apps out there

    sorry to piss on your bonfire, i'm just not sure i can see the point in this, except as an exercise in using equipment in a more complex way than it was intended. with apple stuff, i don't see the point of doing that as it's raison d'etre is that it's easy to use and understand.
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    jobesjobes Posts: 106member
    and before MOSR or spymac start a new rumour, 'vanilla' iPod wasn't refering to a new colour scheme, just outta the box... hehe
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