The worst film EVER!

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Since we've had a lot of favourite films, songs and so on threads here I think we should have a worst ever thread. Just to be negative

Also because last Friday night I saw "Made" which must be the worst...hang on...WORST...hang on...WORST!!!!! film ever made. OH MY GOD!!!!

Even the gag reel was boring. I heard a lot about Swingers (same guys) but never saw it. When I saw this in the videoshop I thought I'd rent it since I was ready for a laugh. It wasn't funny. It wasn't exciting. It was nothing. Absolutely nothing. I can't remember ever having seen a film that didn't trigger some sort of emotion at least once during the two hours. This was shocking. The deleted scenes and the gag reel were exactly the same. The two guys, the fat guy starts laughing all the time and the skinny guy wants to be serious. YAWN! YAWN! YAAAAAAWWWWWNNNNN!!!!!!!!


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