Magic Lantern?

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Check this out, the fbi has a new trojan for all computers.

Yes all computer, x86 and ppc. It probly does'nt matter what your running. Its a part of there"cyber night" inititive.

To go along with the carnivore project. It is supposed to decrypt all information sent by the trojan using keys stored on your computer. But they still have to get you to put the trojan on your system via email. I'm sure there hacker recrutes are patting themselves on the backs for creating this. There's a

<a href=",23008,3386018,00.html"; target="_blank">write up</a>

on techtv all about carnivore and magiclantern incluing an interview with oxblood cdcow member. How cool is that, and guess what he uses mac!

What does everyone think about this? Is ev everyones privacy being comprimised? Only time will tell.....


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    The big question is how will virus software developers treat this. Will they provide a signature to detect it?
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    Sorry, first thing I thought of...

    I've gotten to the point where email has become a pain in the ass. Nobody I know ever really uses it and all I ever get is SPAMSHIT. I might not use it ever again.

    As far as this is concerned...the FBI maybe going way too far with all this. I've heard that they have installed spy-ware on library computers hooked up to the Internet and have informed librarians about giving the FBI any information about anyone signing out suspicious books or manuals. Whether the librarians like it or not (this is all under the new "Patriot Act")

    ...welcome to big brotha, brotha... <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />
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