Best Advertising for your Dollar?

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I run a small site with the primary focus of saving people money on services they use every month (like long distance, satellite, etc), but I've had extremely poor results with online advertising... only about 30-40 pageviews/day at best.. I was thinking that since such a significant portion of Mac users work in media departments (ie, creating the actual ads), that some of you could provide me with some suggestions? I've tried Google AdWords, DirectClicks, and Sprinks all with minimal succuss. Would my money be better spent on traditional media ads like newspapers, etc? Any links, suggestions, whatever would be more than appreciated!

If it helps, the site is located at <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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    It is my opinion that the bottom fell out of the web advertising market years ago. People have gone out of their way to block advertisements, and most internet users have had it shoved down their throat to the point that they just block out the ads with or without software.

    Advertising online was flawed from the beginning, because the ads are intermingled with content. The user can selectively choose what he or she wants to view. The user soon learns traditional placements of advertisements and learns not to 'look' in that direction on a web site. For instance, most advertisements are at the top and right hand side of a site. I never look above the AI logo here, and I never look to the right on VersionTracker or MacNN, because I know what is there.

    Mediums like billboards, magazines, and television are different. With Billboards, they're big enough to catch your eye and look interesting; they stand out enough and driving on a highway can be rather monotonous. In magazines, the reader can choose to flip quickly through pages, but again, advertisements here can be full page at times, and are generally quite eye catching. And with television, again, the advertisement takes up the entire screen; it is the only content we are focused on. Furthermore with television, the advertisements are moving, which makes them even more intriguing.

    I'd follow traditional mediums for advertising, and try and stay away from online advertising.
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