Ars: Pandora sends user GPS, sex, birthdate, other data to ad servers

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Pandora sends user GPS, sex, birthdate, other data to ad servers:

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Pandora's Android app transmits a plethora of personal information to third parties after all, at least according to an analysis done by security firm Veracode. The company decided to do a follow-up on the news that Pandora?among other mobile app makers?was being investigated by a federal grand jury, and found that data about the user's birth date, gender, Android ID, and GPS information were all being sent to various advertising companies.

Full story here: (

So now we at least have confirmation why they got subpoenaed by a grand jury earlier this year, and we seem to know how they are getting paid for providing "free" music.


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    Any reasons why Pandora left iOS out?

    Maybe they are afraid of Apple's lawsuit team.

    They said from the link it was because the guys doing the research had access to an Android phone. I wouldn't be surprised if the iPhone app didn't have the same issues...
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