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Looking at eBay as a solution, but I figured I'd bring it here first. I don't know the rules about this kind of a post so i wont be offended if it gets closed - at least I tried. Anyhow, I'm selling my iMac now that I have my new 800MHz iBook and thought I'd put it up here.

It's a DV SE iMac (snow) with a 40Gb HD, 500MHz, 384Mb RAM, DVD-ROM, pro keyboard and mouse. Still in great condition, never had any problems with it. I've got the following software installed on it:

Photoshop 6

Flash 5

Dreamweaver 4

OS X (10.1.4)

Toast Lite

Silver Keeper

Adium X

Unreal Tournament

Civilization III

Myth II


Appleworks 6

Now of course all this comes wwith the assumption that you too own the software blah blah blah. Let mee know! (I'm looking for about 500)

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