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I buy CDs. I buy a lot. As soon as record labels start charging a reasonable price for non-crippled downloadable songs, I will embrace the move, and pay for what I try. Then, if I like something, I'll probably go out and buy the CD in the shop. The record label wins twice. I won't borrow a CD and copy it from someone (and I don't know anyone who'd have the music I like anyway).

But since with few exceptions, record companies don't offer songs on line, I am forced to "borrow" songs found on the internet or shared by friends. If I like the song, I'll probably go out and buy the CD. The record label wins once.

If there's no option to "try before I buy", I simply don't find what I want (and there's nothing I like on the radio), so I don't buy anything except the occasional new release from an artist with whom I'm already familiar. The record company LOSES twice.

Come on, labels, get your complete catalogs, complete with b-sides and remixes on line, and you'll make a mint! Don't be pussies!


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    Excellent.Whenever I go into a store and the prices are too high I steal a few things to make up for it.
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    I bought about 500 CD's, copied a handful of CD's and downloaded about a hundred songs. Yes, I did it, I'm a thieve ! In my country it's normal that you can listen all CD's in the musicstore. I appreciate that, so I don't have to buy something I don't know how it sounds.

    But there are some songs I like, but I wouldn't buy the whole album. Sometimes after I downloaded a song, I went into the store, listened and bought the album.


    In my country I pay for a CD about 20 $. I think thats way too much. I don't know what the artist get, but probably less than 2 $ each, the productioncost of a CD is maybe 1$ or so, the whole rest is for marketing,label and selling. Thats way too much. So I don't wonder when people try to getting it for free. But if the CD is well done, has a nice booklet or maybe a cool box, I like to spend my money for that. I love my new "familiy tree" Box from Björk !!! Good products will be sold.
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    Excellent.Reparations indeed.
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    If u can't beat them, join them,

    tats wat I did
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