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It's a scientific fact that every 10 to 100 thousand years, the earth starts from scratch. The reason is usually an asteroid, but other natural catastophes that affect the planet may also take place (super virus, nuclear war, etc.). Generally what happens is the earth is struck by a significant heavenly projectile, tons of debis and dust are flung into the atmosphere, and this causes a world wide blockage of the sun. Add to that the extreme local heat in the vicinity of the asteroid impact, any tectonic deviations, etc. A new ice age begins and it usually snowballs into a deep deep ice age (no pun intended) because as the earth gets whiter it reflects more and more sunlight. 99% of life on Earth will become extinct. But I think that resourceful humans will find a way to survive but obviously their institiutions and major governments will not.

Now I ask you wise men and women of Apple Insider, what will happen to civilization's evolution? Imagine the situation of cro-magnum and neanderthal during the last ice age, but imagine them with the knowledge that modern man has. Will it be advantageous? How will it affect aspects of human society like religion, government, technology, etc. There must have been dozens of hollywood pictures made on the subject, but I think they are more fanciful than anything else.


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    Damn..thought this was about the game..

    By the way, my guess is that it will take about 10 replies before this thread moves to FC.
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    Without goverment , law and order; there is no doubt that it will be a man eat man world.

    Its every man for himself. Sad, but most likely true <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />

    But, I really hope such a situation will not occur in my lifetime.
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    Taking the question a step further, if 99% of life on the Earth is wiped out, including us, I wonder what proof of our existence will be left behind for future intelligent life forms, that may evolve millions of years later.

    Some people believe the Sphinx in Egypt is a relic of a long lost civilisation and was merely modified by the Egyptians. They state the fact that is has been erroded by rain water, yet Egypt hasn't had sufficient levels of rainfall since the last ice age to cause this, and the fact that the head is too small in relation to the rest of the body, is evidence of this.

    Perhaps the only evidence of mankinds existence will be bones in the fossil record, satellites in Earths orbit and some debris left on the moon, but I guess even some of these would decay given sufficient time.

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