Macbook Pro Mid 2010 wont boot from CD

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I have a newish mack book pro about 5 months old. I updated the ram, and the hdd to an SSD drive. I went today to try and boot from the snow leopard CD by holding down the C key and it skips right by the cd and goes to my login. If I point the the cd as a the startup drive in system pref then it will boot from the CD as it is supposed to do holding down the C key.

Is this because i replaced the HDD? or some other issue. Mac os is 10.6.7

Also I cannot seem to be able to reset my Pram I hold all the keys down but It just boots to the desktop

thank you in advance


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    Hmmm. Could be something with SSD. Did you contact that manufacturer? Did you reset the SMC? Then try reseting the PRAM from shutdown, not restart. Then hold option key when booting and see if it prompts you to select the startup volume.
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    Had this problem myself. Are you booting from the included DVD? Because a "virgin" Snow Leopard installer disc isn't actually compatible. The SSD shouldn't make a difference.

    Don't know about the PRAM trouble though; that should still work with command-option-p-r.

    Hope you get it fixed!

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