IPAD 2 swap for Version 1

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I was recently disappointed by the lack of customer service in handling an exchange. This was my fourth IPAD purchase, in addition to the 4 IPhones i have in my business.

Backstory, replaced a stolen unit right before the rollout of the version 2. I spoke to a customer service rep and they assured me it would be no problem to swap out the version 1 for the version 2 when it finally shipped. ordered online March 11 at 3 am like the rest of America.

Now, when it finally arrives apple now refuses to swap the version 1 unit stating it is outside the 14 day exchange window. We were in beta testing for our sales team on a territory rollout but that is now on hold.


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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    First off it is probably a good idea to keep at least one iPad 1 around for software testing. Second Apple at no time indicated that they would change their return policy for IPad 2's. Third you don't blame a whole company for a mis communications with a customer service rep.

    I really don't see why you are bellyaching here. Apple didn't steal the original device so I'm not sure why you expect special treatment from them. Maybe I missed something here but I don't know what it is.
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    Did you buy AppleCare?

    YMMV but they exchanged my failing Rev 1 for a 2 via AppleCare...they could not do it online/over the phone though...I had to go to the Apple store.
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    daffyducdaffyduc Posts: 26member
    That's one reason I bought my iPad 2 from Sam's Club. They have a 3 month return policy on my iPad!
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