what the iPod should become...

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Read this<a href="http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1103-830274.html"; target="_blank"> article </a> and tell me this wouldn't be one of the most nifty-est things around if it was done with the iPod. Whee!

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    How about 6-8 years in the future, Apple designed TiWatch...contains my entire HD and wirelessly links to whatever "computer" I'm near. I pick up my PDA (if they still exist as such in 6-8 years) and it uses my TiWatch, my "laptop" the same, my "desktop" and again, same HD being accessed. Work, Home, School, Vacation, Friend's Computer, and all in something that I put on my wrist everyday anyway!

    Oh, and of course it'll look cool, so I'll want to wear it (like my spoon....<a href="http://www.virtualspoon.com/index.html"; target="_blank">Spoon Watches</a>)


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