What do you want/What did you get?

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For the Holidays that is. . . .I know its early, but we can list what we want then follow up with what we got. Plus, for those of us who celebrate Chanukkah,(me) we are alredy getting loot. I celebrated with my family+ my senile grandpa plus my stepgrandma and her whole incredibly ickyicky family(like 15 of them)

I wanted a bathrobe and borders gift cards.

I got,

--A bathrobe

--leopard long johns

--External 120GB 7200 rpm hard drive(completly unexpected)!!!!

--a little polar bear guy with body lotion(abandoned at hotel room) But the bear is sitting on my iMac with his arms wrapped about the crome neck instead of foulsmelling lotion

--Really cool socks

--artist drawing kit . . . .i am not an artist. .

--a small photo album

--an oberlin sweatshirt from my sister

--my horsebackriding instructor made me the coolest menorah from wood and copperpipping, its definatly the best present of all

and then there is the christianish side of the family, i will have to post later in the season

Loot is a happy thing for our little enclave of terribly material people

I am giving

Dad--bird house for mosquito eating birds

Mom--??6 days left

Sister--online subsrcition to digital sheetmusic place

grandparents and relatives-framed picture of me(they havn't gotten one since i was in 4th grade so. . . .i sorta had too)

riding instructor--pictures of her riding, that i have photoshopped to seam like she is in the dessert, olypics, cantering out of misty forest, on beach(she really likes the one i did in like 5 minutes so) and then I will make a stainedglass frame to frame the best one.
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