Signs of a Better Economy?

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This year a key day of sales reflects some good news with how the economy may be shaping up. What are your thoughts? Are things going to shore up and find a ground of support?

<a href="{A4C49326-A5CC-4E9E-9767- E7612ED59F03%7D&siteid=mktw" target="_blank">CBS Marketwatch Link</a>

Please weigh in with your thoughts.



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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    Skimming through that article it sure looks like the discount retailers certainly had a nice weekend, and I suspect that department stores had a pretty good weekend as well. I think this year's holiday season will be much better than last year's for most retailers, and online merchants should have better revenue as people seem to be much more comfortable shopping online, and there's more flexibility of being able to buy things online and picking up in-store.

    My guess would be that most retailers should do very well, especially as so many tech gadgets are getting cheaper and better. I don't know that computer companies will have booming sales, as there just really isn't that much interesting new technology to speak of, with the exception of possibly Tablet PCs (which in my opinion are overpriced right now).

    Whether the winter sales will be enough to get the economy in the right direction is hard to tell.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Personally, I didn't read the article, but I'm hoping this holiday season will get the economy back on track. I think part of our problem has been people frieking themselves out:






    Go out and buy stuff like before 9-11 people!!! What makes you need or want so much less after that all happened? By the way, news flash: When you save money and not put it into the economy, the economy gets worse.

    Like I said, hopefully that will change very soon.
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    stunnedstunned Posts: 1,096member
    As long as the terrorists are kept under control, the world economy should be on the uphill.

    But another 911 strike or bali blasts would send market confidence skydiving again.

    All in all, the world better stop all those nonsenscial terrorist acts. i have high hopes for the world economy!
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    it isn't that 9-11 has made people want to buy less. We've been heading towards a recession for years. The market has been off for a long time, and 9-11 was the straw that broke the back and sent it down farther.

    I don't think these early sales figures are evidence of us leaping out of a recession. It isn't going to just happen like that overnight. Especially not when we're probably going to go to war (whether we call it that or not) with Iraq within the next six months.

    It isn't that 9-11 has made me want to buy or own less. I just can't afford much. Getting work in my industry is completely off, I don't know many freelancers who have had a good year. Companies can't spend the money right now, they're laying people off, freezing salaries, etceteras. The economy is most definitely not back on track, and I don't think a good shopping season would prove that. When freelance work picks up to the way it was four years ago, then yeah, I'll consider contemplating the idea of us being out of a recession.
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