Any Asians teach English in the USA?

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is it just here, or are there asians everywhere who can't speak english teaching the damn subject in our schools...?? seems pretty silly...


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    roborobo Posts: 469member
    Damn frickin' Asians.

    Should be sent back to wherever it is that Asians come from!
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    haha, actually i have no prejudice at all. in fact, i am a minority myself. here at a&m, where whites are at around 85% of the population, us minorities gotta stick together.

    but yes, the education in this state is terribly. my reference was to how the most basic level of english here at a university are taught by exchange professors or grad students who can barely grasp the language themselves. my friend had to drop this class last year because he chose to write about baseball. his prof's level of english was barely high enough to make herself clear, let alone know what baseball was. so...she failed his paper, even though it seemed pretty clear to me. he was a 4.0 student at the time.

    oh sweet irony...

    and don't get me started on lab TAs here in the science departments. the only good thing about that is that if they can't understand what yer writing about, they're more prone to give u a good grade by default.

    thank God i'm almost out of undergraduate level sciences...
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    Ok, posts like this is the reason I have a German handle.

    I came from Taiwan 15 years ago (was 12 years old) and went thru the English as Second Language program. Turns out, the ESL programs are mostly designed for hispanics whose languages are based on Spanish. Fortunately, I am able to help myself learn English. Now, I TEACH ENGLISH. Perhaps this is not by choice, but it's a teaching job (the "market" is saturated with music teachers).

    At least I know how being biased toward one foreign language is not a good way to teach English. I, and many others who are not Asian teach ESL with English. What a concept, use English to teach English.

    As for any of you who encounter Asians that are teaching in schools who can barely speak English, I agree that ANYONE who teach should have a good handle of the language. I can assure you that it's not only Asians. I have come across Hispanic, Black, African American, Arabic... professors who can barely put together a sentence, yet they're teaching Cultural Studies, History, Black Studies, Chemistry, Science, Music and a variety of other subjects.

    on a lighter note, if ju dunn leyk it, ju kan suh-ky, suh-ky my balls
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