right-click option "send as email"

in macOS edited January 2015
I wonder if anybody else would like this?

Just an extra option in the drop-down menu that appears when you right (or control) click on an item (pdf, doc, jpg, mp3 etc). When you select this option (send as email) it automatically opens a new mail msg with the selected item already attached.

All in favor say I...


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    parttimerparttimer Posts: 250member
    No: aye
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    greeng4greeng4 Posts: 33member
    You can set this up in about 10 seconds using Automator.
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    pomeroypomeroy Posts: 4member
    Two easy ways to send a file, first is just drop it on the "Mail" icon in the dock" and Mail will open with the file already attached, second when you select the file you want to send in Finder use the "Services" menu under Finders "Finder" menu. Personally I use the drag and drop all the time for sending files and photos, You can drag more than one photo at a time and drop and if you haven't noticed before that when you drop images into Mail a button will appear at the bottom of the Mail window and you can choose a size to send without having to resize before importing to Mail. Try using the Services menu, there is a lot of things that make using your Mac easy and fast. When in Finder and you Right click and select "Services" you will see different thing according to the type of file you have selected. If you select "Services" under an applications menu will will see even different services that will apply to just that application.
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    jannyjanny Posts: 1member

    Originally Posted by GreenG4 View Post

    You can set this up in about 10 seconds using Automator.

    Wow that sounds easy. Can you pls list the steps to do it? Thanks

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