Warning: 1 month waiting list for *any* iPhone 4 warranty claims for Digi, Malaysia

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Just a heads up for those considering the iPhone 4 in Malaysia. There is currently, correct as rumoured, a 1 month waiting list for service needs.

That means, if there is something wrong with your iPhone 4, it will not be attended to until 1 month later.

Re-read that a few times to let it sink in. It will not even be looked at until 1 month later, assuming the waiting list progresses as expected.

I have given online feedback to the telco, Digi, that this is unacceptable.

My issue is minor, loss of Home button sensitivity clicking on my iPhone 4. Which, I hope at the second stage, that they will actually acknowledge the issue and give me a replacement. What about those with more serious issues?

Reality check on the dark side of Apple's record-breaking iPhone 4 sales. I think the telco is primarily responsible by not ensuring enough replacement units, and instead greedily signing up new contracts using whatever stock they can get. But hey, this is all business as usual, no?

I don't know how it is like for the other telcos here in Malaysia, I don't know if they are any better.

In an ideal situation Apple's iPhone 4 distribution contracts should ensure and enforce stock allocation for replacement units. Particularly since unlike the Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod "repairs" are usually just one-to-one exchanges.

Ah well, back here in the third world... This kind of shenanigans would never fly in civilised countries. Then again, who knows.

It is partly because of these kind of ethical issues that I have gradually in the past six months taken a step back in my current consulting work promoting Apple products. Popularity has exploded in Asia but without the benchmark and refuge of official Apple Stores, things do not always go "the Apple way".


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    Originally Posted by davidpolanco View Post

    I suppose your best waiting for the iPhone 5 which is said to released in the 4th Quarter...but that is strange, why would Malaysia be any different than any other company. I figured with the issues that Japan is having everyone would be waiting 6+ months for an iPad 2...but it's now back to 2 weeks.

    Welcome to life in the third world. We have world-class gadgets and well-educated people but it's squeezed through the ringer of third-world antics and governance.

    Basically this telco sucks b*lls when it comes to servicing the iPhone 4. I don't see any other reason... other than maybe Apple not supplying enough units to them. But in Malaysia a third telco has started selling the iPhone 4.

    So it comes back to this telco sucking b*lls when it comes to servicing the iPhone 4. They're still selling the darn things, but those are "allocated for new contracts" according to their customer service. Of course they are, who cares about replacing existing units, use whatever stock to sell more and more contracts! Yay!

    Pure, unadulterated corporate greed at work. And how complicit is Apple in it? I can't say because they can't police all the telcos in the world that carry the iPhone 4... Or could they...

    I can wait until the iPhone 6 I reckon. As long as I can jailbreak I'll just not use the Home button thanks to Activator on Cydia. It's too annoying clicking and then not getting the right Home button response. It's not broken, just lost some sensitivity in a weird, erratic way.
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