An Android phone user's very brief review of his new iPad 2.

in iPad edited January 2014
First let me say that I am an Android phone user. For me, customization and quickly accessing information with a swipe through my widgets is what I need on a phone. I never thought I had any reason to use iOS--until now.

I have been blown away by how much fun I am having with the iPad. Netflix is just incredible on the iPad and to have that much video content anywhere I go is just amazing. Flipbook and Zite turn a boring news reader experience into a slick magazine. Splashtop allows me to run my computer off my iPad for 4 bucks. Cheap console quality games like Real Racing 2, Deadspace, and the unbelievable Order and Chaos are simply great values. I was skeptical why anyone would need an iPad and the truth is you don't need it. Just like you don't need that 50" plasma when the 19" tube TV is just fine.

My only complaint is the low ppi screen is noticeable when reading on a browser, but after a few weeks, I got used to it and don't notice it any more.
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