13" MBP - Should I install an SSD? Use superdrive bay?

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My late 2009 2.26/8GB 13" MBP is running off the 160GB drive it came with, but I'm now running into issues with the drive. iTunes has stopped backing up my iPhone and iPad 2 and disk utility is telling me I need to boot off my OS disc and repair the drive.

The existing 160GB drive will likely be fine after a repair / reformat but I'd still be happier with a new drive (Can't afford right now)

I've got a 120GB Vertex SSD currently configured as boot drive in my PC, but I rarely use the PC these days so am thinking of pulling out the SSD and swapping it out into the MBP.

I'd likely do this with an upgrade to Lion (Depending on the cost from Apple), and am thinking of getting a drive bay adaptor and then putting in a second 2.5" disc (The 160GB if it's okay, or another 160 I have lying around), as I'm going to run out of space in 120GB pretty soon.

Drive bay adaptors are cheap from ebay, external cages for the superdrive aren't as plentiful so I may be stuck using the PC for DVD ripping of movies for the kids.

Good plan? Anyone used these superdrive bay adaptors?


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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    I would just get a 256GB SSD from OWC. You'd want your primary drive to be at least that big.
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    parttimerparttimer Posts: 250member
    But until you can afford that 256GB SSD I would be religious about backups. I.o.w.: right now!

    And if you have a very fast broadband connection, but only then, you can also consider to back up an extra copy, or two, of your data, well encrypted, to the cloud. As a secondary tier of data security.

    Of course mechanical/optical spinning disk based harddrives are much cheaper, GB for GB, than equivalent capacity SSDs.
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    Yeah I would say:

    A) Make sure you have at least 2 backups of your data, make sure they are verified.

    B) Repair your HDD.

    C) ....

    D) Profit! I mean buy a new SSD when you get the money.
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