Happy meals... unhappy workers

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<a href="http://news.independent.co.uk/world/asia_china/story.jsp?story=364245"; target="_blank">China unhappy toy workers</a>

I wondered what many of you thought about articles like this seeing as it is Christmas. (or gift-mas as was mentioned in another thread)

My initial thoughts, you would think Communism would treat their workers with a little more dignity. You would think that if there was a capitalistic business that would give workers rights, it would be one in a communist country.

Second, don't kids just seem to get an unimaginable number of toys nowadays? We intentionally try to limit what family and friends give and it still seems like they get about 3 times more than anyone should need. (Heck they get toys nicer than I played with just eating a hamburger)

Just wanted your thoughts..



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    Its horrible to think that in the year 2002 working conditions are still so shit in some countries. Its unfortunate that western countries could not introduce laws that would force large companies to ensure that basic workers rights are adheard to all along the scope of workers (All employees employed directly or not).
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    And we usually call it progress...
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