[question] wifi (airport) sharing

in macOS edited January 2014
i found internet sharing option in setting pannel,

and i've just tried to share my wifi on my macbook pro.

but when i started my internet sharing option, the right side detail option was disabled.

so i wonder that 'internet share option' could share ethernet to airport only?

i'm just using my company's wifi for the internet, and i tried to share it airport too.

is it impossible airport to airpot sharing?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,172moderator
    Originally Posted by kakadais View Post

    is it impossible airport to airpot sharing?

    Yes, they don't let you do that - could be a technical limitation or it may just affect performance. If it was technically possible, they maybe figured if one device could access wifi, so could the other device.

    What you should be able to do though is share the wifi to ethernet and plug in another device like a router to share the wifi to something else.
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