Best *NEW* electric razor?

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My old 2 head Norelco is about to meet its maker after many years of faithful service and I need to get a new one.

I don't think I want a 3 head shaver and I'm kind of looking at the microscreen shavers like the Braun Syncro 7680. So who is using what and how do you like it???

Thanks for the imput...



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    isn't that "purchasing advice" ? <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />
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    Gee Defiant, thanks for the informative post. Very helpful. If I had posted this in GD I suppose you would have said that this didn't have anything to do with computer industry trends.

    I had thought about putting this in GD but the gist of that forum seems rooted in the computer/tech realm and AO is for real life. Now when I think stubble, my first inclination isn't to think of the computer industry, but hey, that's me. Mod's, if you want to move this to GD, please do.

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    gee, opus, I made a . would a have been better ? I was joking.
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    i never really favored the 'lectrics. i like the cool, soothing feel of a mach3.
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    I have very coarse and dense hair that grows at bad angles. In short, I'm a tough shave. Here are my recommendations.

    Electric Razors I've tried:

    Braun 5410

    Higher End Braun (7450)??

    Remington Triple Screen (High end model)

    Norelco three blade razor with goo.

    I sent back the Norelco after 30 days, which was part of the agreement. It was awful: terrible at cutting the hair, and with a tremendous amount of abrasivness.

    The first one I owned was the Braun 5410. It was a good razor: decent shave and very little irritation. But after about a year the motor really started to wear down. It may have been the battery, though I would plug it in, so maybe not.

    The next was the Remington. It's battery/motor were a bit more rugged, and it had a much stronger motor anyway. I used to joke about how it could cut through grass. More irritation than the Braun, but not too much worse.

    The next was the Norelco. It sucked.

    Lastly, used a high end Braun. It was the best of all of them. Not as robust as the Remington, but it is less irritation, and actually gives a closer shave. Not sure about the battery life/motor life, though

    Anyway, I use to use electrics alone. Now I use a blade every other day, and the electric if I need to go some place special on the day in between. The braun is good here: In can cover in a pinch. None of the others I've tried can do this, and they expressly make notes about seasoning one's face to handle the razor via a week or so of use.

    As far as blades go:

    Sensor Excel! Mach 3 = too big and cumbersome, and the spring loaded blade is the source of frustration and lots of dripping blood.
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    I started using electric about 2 years ago. I first got a Norelco 3 head razor which I liked. The only problem was that it didn't have independent moving heads, so it was hard to get the neck hairs with the thing. It wouldn't conform to my face very well. I wish I remember what model it was called.

    Then about six months ago, I was on vacation and forgot to bring my razor, so I decided to try a Remington TCT razor with 2 rollers on it, not the circular heads. I found it much easier to shave the neck with, and it felt like I had more control with it than the Norelco. But there were 2 problems: it was very loud and the little popout shaver would never stay down, so it was always popping out and getting in the way.

    So, with all my leftover XMas cash, I decided to get a new Norelco Spectra razor at walmart for $112. I have only used it for one shave so far, but I was impressed. The face of the razor has a spring in it so it conforms to your face as you shave, and you can adjust the firmness of this spring as well. It is also the quietest electric razor I've ever used.

    The first shave was very comfortable. The blades are the best Norelco has to offer, so the shave was very close (and will hopefully get closer over time as my face gets used to the razor... says Norelco). Another thing I like about the Spectra is that you can just flip open the face and rinse out the blades and chamber under the sink. I couldn't do that with my other razors. It will make cleaning much better. Oh, and It only takes an hour to charge the thing, my others took like 8.

    So, I haven't really used the Spectra enough to recommend it yet, but I was very impressed with the first shave. I definitely wouldn't recommend the Remington 2 roller TCT razor. One of the reasons I replaced it with the Spectra (aside from wanting the latest and greatest from Norelco and it being the razor of James Bond), was that the thing was irritating the hell out of my neck. Probably the blades were getting dull, or were just clogged with hairs that I couldn't rinse out, but I didn't want to invest more money into it.
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    I never got further than disposable Bics... maybe that's why I don't like shaving?
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    I just got the spectra and like it quite a bit. It shaves close and cleans easily.
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    I have the Braun 7570 and it is really fantastic, does the finest shave ever. Even better than my Mach 3 (By a mile)

    Not cheap tho! In Australia it costs close to $300 with the clean unit!
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    I got a Remington R835 for Christmas. It has caused some irritation on my neck -- the skin there is dry -- but on the other hand, it doesn't hurt and cut like the Mach 3, so it's not bad to use it every day.
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