Sound quality of iPod Touch 4 vs Classic 160GB

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I currently have a Classic 160GB iPod, and the sound quality is definitely lacking compared to my older iPod. I am considering buying a Touch and wondered how it compares to my "flat" Classic. I read the older Touch used DACs made by Wolfson, which sound better than the Cirrus chips used in the iPod Classic, but that Apple had switched to Cirrus chips on the iPod Touch3. Anyone know what's used in the Touch 4?


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    Originally Posted by jeckhello View Post

    I know what feachers a ipod touch 4 generation?

    It features Apple's Retina display and two cameras; one front-facing camera for FaceTime, Skype, and other video chat applications, photos and high-definition video recording and one rear-facing camera for photos and HD video recording. It also contains Apple's A4 chip for faster processing, a microphone for communication, voice recognition, and voice memos, which can be useful for recording things, such as an academic tutorial, a voice lesson, or a college lecture, and a three-axis gyroscopic sensor which enables the device to recognize approximately how far, fast, and in which direction it has moved in space.

    so sorry,i dont know you ask.

    Thanks. Decided I had a choice between having one or not, and the sound quality wasn't going to be something I had a choice about.
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    Originally Posted by LazzyHoney View Post

    I use my ipod in the car or just walking to work and never connect it to a hifi or anything, hence all my music on my ipod is ripped at 128kbps, which for my use does me fine. I would like to change it for a Classic 160g, but I would like to keep the same sound quality as the new Nano 6g.The volume is also much lower too. I'm not sure why exactly, perhaps apple will hear us if we complain loud enough...

    You would have to re-rip everything to another iTunes library if you wanted a higher bitrate to put on a Classic where there is plenty of room. The technology exists to make products sound really good. However, the compression to fit a bunch of songs on small flash drive chips takes some of that away. Companies have decided people now can't tell the difference and therefore are not going to spend a little extra money on sound quality they think most people won't miss.
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