I Tunes and SD Card

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When I put songs on my Sd Card and put it in my radio on my motorcycle. It wont play all the songs. The songs are from my I Tunes. I copy them from my I Tunes and then save them in my music on my computer. Then send it to my Sd Card. Why wont some songs play? Thanks for the help.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,269moderator
    If some of the songs are in AAC format as opposed to MP3, they wouldn't play on a player that doesn't support it. If you right-click at the top of the iTunes list of songs and in the menu that appears, choose Kind and it will show which ones are which. You can convert these to MP3 by using preferences > general > import settings > import using MP3 and anything above 160k stereo should be ok. Then right-click the songs and convert to MP3.
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