Newbie Thinking about Getting an iPhone

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My contract with Verizon just ended. I have an upgrade New Every Two $35 discount for the MOTO phone I have had for 6 years but is basically unable to do much because of the condition of the phone. I also have a New Every Two $50 discount for the mobile hot spot MIFI 2200 3G that I have had (plus 3 replacements MIFI2200) for the past 2 years with not the best experience, even after a lot of tech support. I think it is the area I live in Salt Lake /city that just does not have a good connection for the data device the MIFI 200.

I need the ability to get on the internet, send some but not a lot of text messages, and use some apps for my job as an exercise physiologist. I have heard that the new Droid Condition (I think someone told me was the new "ultimate" smartphone) that is coming out very soon. I tried the fist iPhone but my fingers made it real hard to hit the right keys on the keyboard. I had mentioned this problem. to someone and they told me to look into what I think is called swipe. I have not done so yet.

Despite what the Verizon multi-colored map for 4G LTE and 4G extended, Salt Lake city does NOT have 4G yet except out at the airport and since it is near the Great Salt Lake, some pats of the Salt Lake have 4G, which dos noting for me. I live close to downtown and an article someone from Apple sent me said that Verizon will have 4G up in Salt Lake by the end of summer.

Since I have relied on my simple MOTO phone and the MIFI (which actually works well if I take it out when I go out of town or on drives) and my MBP. I would like to not have to carry my MBP so much and leave it at home, if I can clean it out and get it to cool down a little bit more.

I HAVE RESEARCHED SOME OF THE NEW PHONES AND I ASK QUEStions on Forums, especially the Apple Forum, for people's personal experience and opinions about the iPhone with Verizon or ATT and some of the other smartphones. if anybody has some advice, personal experience or anything that wold help me with my decisions about staying with Verizon in the hopes that the 4G network will be much better, I would really appreciate any help or opinions people want to share.

if anybody knows about some awesome smartphones with decent battery life, or if an extended energy battery can be used and the device can connect with 3G and 4G depending what is available to the phone.

I am researching some of the old smartphones that did well with Verizon's network like the Droid X or Thunderbolt to see if they might be better then trying a new phone, but I am open to other people's experience.


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    Everyone I know with an iPhone loves it. But wait until after the WWDC before you buy, to make sure a new version isn't around the corner.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    No LTE on the next iPhone. Other than that, wait until WWDC anyway.
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    masterz1337masterz1337 Posts: 128member
    I'd advise waiting to see what ios5 offers. Android phones are going to be using 2.2 for a while, and MS just announced the wp7 os update today, which looks like it's incorporated the best of iOS, android and BB. I have an iOS, android, and wp7 device, and have had a Blackberry, and they all have their strengths. If your getting an iPad, I wouldn't bother getting an iPhone, as the iPhones biggest strength is the apps, which you'll have on an iPad any way.
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