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Was just watching a December 18 re-run of Crossfire on CNN and it was the episode where Carville comes out as a guest, sitting between Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson and talking about how he now "forgives" Senator Lott's recent statements about Strom Thurmond (as if "forgiveness" from him actually means something or has any bearing on how Lott may, or may not, choose to live his life or whatever).

Anyway, he's going on and one of the hosts (Begala, I think) asks Carville what he'd like to see Lott do to prove that he's indeed sincere in his apology (it's apparent, by watching the news and reading posts here, that Lott is screwed and dead in the water, and short of miraculously resurrecting Martin Luther King, Jr. and serving as his personal valet, there's probably not much Lott can do, in the eyes of many, to "redeem" himself).

Carville says something like "I'd like to see him reach out. He's never been to black churches, he said, but now he said he's going. That's good. And bringing people together for dialog. Discussing issues and all..."

All fine.

THEN he goes "look, I don't expect him to become big on civil rights or some leader on that. Or for that to be his thing. He's a conservative, I understand that. And..."

That idiot bowtie-wearing mophead Tucker Carlson didn't have the balls to jump in and go "WAIT a minute...".

Carville seems to think that if you're conservative, you're against any notion of civil rights or whatever. It was as if he were laying out coded speech, in effect equating conservatism with bigotry, automatically, no questions asked, that's just how it is.


He may as well have just said "I don't expect him to get behind civil rights...he's a bigot and a so forth...look at the party he's in..." because that's essentially what he did.

No one in the audience groaned or hissed, supposed conservative host Carlson just lets it go by and, of course, Begala isn't going to flag him on it.

That just made me so incredibly mad.

It's so blatantly unfair and twisted. If you're a conservative or a Republican, you're automatically the things Carville says, in the minds of many.

If you're a Democrat, you can actually be a former member of the KKK and still have a high-ranking position in Congress or, as Robert Byrd has done on more than one occasion in the past year or two, utter the word "nigger" to virtually NO brouhaha or calls for his removal (or his head on a lance, more appropriately).

He's got the good sense to belong to the correct party, and be on the right team? Is that it? Is it that simple?

If Lott, Santorum, Cheney, etc. (pick your favorite Republican) even thought about using that word, it would be his ass.

So here Carville goes, knowing damn well conservatives aren't bigots and racists automatically, by nature...like it's a rule or something to be "in the club".

He's married to Mary Matalin, for crying out loud. Would he be in love and married to a racist, having children with her and so forth, if he truly believed this? I doubt it.

He just says it, matter-of-factly, as if it's just gospel. JUST to put the dagger in and further misrepresent things.

And no one dared to go "what, exactly, do you mean by that?".

I don't know who I'm more angry at: Carville for being such a calculating, dishonest idiot. Or that little boy Tucker Carlson for not challenging him on it.

Oh well. Guess I better go iron my white sheets...


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    Get that out of your system? Good.

    Remember that AppleOutsider is NOT going to turn into Fireside Chat.

    Edit: This would have even violated the old FSC guidelines:

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