best choice to transform an Excel file into a printable catalog

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I work in a small B2B company, and we publish each year a small catalog (80 pages) filled with technical references.

The catalog is not intended to have beautiful pictures ... etc. but to just be a listing of products.

We start with a big Excel file, what is the best way to transform our basic excel into something usable by a printing company (PDF HD or PS)?

Are there simple ways to import data from Excel into indesign or Quark? Specialized software to do this?

Are there any other software more adapted to our case than InDesign / Quark?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Originally Posted by sibwizard View Post

    Are there any other software more adapted to our case than InDesign / Quark?

    Plenty! But you need new hardware first! Namely: glasses. This is a Mac-centric board. The lads and lassies here can give you oodles of advice on applying Numbers and Pages. But alas, you use Excel, InDesign, and Quark on a PC. Gotta bark up another tree for that.
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    Adobe CS software does have this kind of "mail merge" functionality. Fireworks, Photoshop, I think... But your best bet is InDesign.

    Unfortunately I'm not familiar with any specialised software that does what you require.
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    For easy export from xls. You can also save your save as XPS.
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