iOS 4.3.3 screwed up wifi triangulation... :(

in iPad edited January 2014
I use a mifi like device to connect my iPad and iPod Touch. Ever since upgrading iOS on both devices to 4.3.3, I have serious trouble having both devices recognize my location as anywhere but my home. It used to be that if there were two stationary wifi devices other than my own mobile wifi device, it would throw out the one out of three that was furthest away from the others. Now it seems like I need at least five wifi devices in te area to register my location correctly when I'm using my mobile wifi away from home. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


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    No one has this issue? No one uses a WiFi iPad or an iPod Touch with a wireless WiFi modem?
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    I have noticed some changes. When using a 4G WiMax MiFi my iPad2 WiFi generally can't lock on to a location. Especially at home.

    It could be something in 4.3.3, it could be culling of the location databases after the "Apple R Tracking U OMFG" "scandal".

    However with my fixed-line WiFi my iPad2 WiFi finds the location alright. Probably because my iPhone4 is reporting the location and because of other iPhone/iPad 3G models around my neighbourhood.
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